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About 2Hot2Learn

How hot can a classroom get before learning suffers? We, the students at 2Hot2Learn, studied the problem. Learn more about our team and our participation in the ABC documentary 'Big Weather (and how to survive it)' here.


The Science

Classroom and playground temperatures remain poorly studied. In partnership with Western Sydney University we discovered exactly how hot classrooms can get on a typical summer day.

Human Rights Watch released it's report:  Feeling the Heat 
about the devastating impacts of heat in Western Sydney

Read about how 2Hot2Learn is working alongside others in advocating for issues around heat.



The Solutions

Watch the ABC documentary 'Big Weather (and how to survive it)'  for an exclusive look at our proposed solutions and how we have started advocating for change. 



We are launching our own merchandise very soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for announcements!

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